Art Director


— Friends love to call me Barbie or Barbarita.


I’m two in one.

I’m Barbara Vera and an art director as well. I graduated from Miami Ad School 2016 and I also have a bachelor degree in graphic design from Rafael Belleso University in 2011.

I’m a cookie and cream shake of 5 countries and 11 different cities, so I consider myself from everywhere and nowhere. This has not only helped me acquire significant knowledge about the world, but it also allowed me to be immersed in different social realities with different needs. It helped me master special abilities as a competent person and a citizen. I think this is a great way to strengthen values, perseverance, solidarity, teamwork and leadership. In the same way, it gives me an opportunity to apply my professional training, and participate in solving problems in different contexts.


I consider myself as an authentic and spontaneous person.  That is why I laugh a lot like a free sprit. I like people with good sense of humour. Friendship is very important for me. I like having good conversations and savoring a beer. I get bored easily so I always try to outdo myself. I’m crazy about sports specially the outdoor activities. I understand jokes 10 or 30 seconds later, and I think dancing was invented for me. I've always wanted to have a little white tiger and I could eat pizzas all day and every day, but I take care of my body, so I leave it only for Sundays.


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